Historical Romance Contemporary Romance Mystery & Horror

1970 was an exciting time to begin a career in illustration. 


Before technology swept over the graphic arts like a tsunami, book publishers, advertising agencies and magazines got the art they needed by assigning the work to an illustrator.

My home town is Chicago, which turned out to be a great place to begin an illustration career.  Big and bustling, open and friendly, art directors were willing to look at my young portfolio and give me a shot. 

It's an interesting thing to make art on demand, your client expects you to deliver something excellent each and every time!  ...oh boy!

I was fortunate that my style leant itself to Advertising, Magazines and Book Covers as well. 

This generated a flow of work that was always different, always interesting and always challenging!

I loved coming up with concepts for the magazine covers.  I also enjoyed the fun of using my family and friends as models for my mystery and horror book covers. 

And then... the Romance book covers!  Models, costumes, and working to capture the magic moment.  The publisher would say to me that my job was to, "Keep the fantasy alive!"   (not a bad job!)